Hotel Majestic

UAINOT Architetti   Bologna 

Standing in front of the doors to St.Peter's Cathedral in Bologna, on Via Indipendenza in the city centre, visitors almost unconsciously encounter the impressive building that for a century has hosted one of Italy's most famous hotels. The building, located in one of the most interesting historical and architectural areas of the city, thanks to the nearby crossroads between the two main arteries of the ancient Roman town plan, is the result of numerous renovations and extensions to the original foundations, which date back to the early and high middle ages.
In 1740, architect Alfonso Torreggiani was commissioned by Cardinal Lambertini to convert the original medieval residence into the Archbishop's Seminary, creating the outline of the building which we know today. An important element is the adjacency to the ancient Fava Palace, a famous example of Renaissance architecture in Bologna, with which it shares the famous Camerino di Europa on the main floor, a cycle of frescoes dedicated to the legend. The hotel's reception areas are decorated with other masterpieces ranging from the 15th to the late 18th centuries, whose colours are emphasised by the rich details of the décor.  The marble flooring with its chequered squares of Nero Marquina enhances the elegance of the entrance hall, emphasised by the square-based pedestals decorated with geometrical stone patterns. The colonnade rests on these pedestals in alternating colours of sculpted white and polished veined marble.
The tea room features Siena ochre and Nero Marquina flooring, and is illuminated by a heptagonal Liberty-style window. The bathrooms echo the antique spas of the nobility, with polished stone combined to create chromatic patterns, not only on the floors but also in the furnishings which, cut from blocks of marble, make luxury bathroom accessories.

Design by Uainot Architetti