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09.07.2008 | News

The Lightness of Marble

Exhibition at the Triennial until July 13

photo by Alberto Parise

The nine prototypes that debuted at the 2007 edition of “Marmomacc Incontra il Design” (Marmomacc Meets Design) will be displayed at the Triennial of Milan up until the 13 of July at the new space Material ConneXion designed by the Cibic Workshop.  Created for world renowned companies who work in the sector of stone, the 9 designers of international fame represent the first step towards the creation of an anthology which will take on different themes each year.  The designs will investigate the multiple personalities that a material like stone, most always associated with stability and gravity, can take on by proposing new contemporary creative ideas which include elements of transparency, lightness and touch.
The objective of this exhibition is to foster a dialogue between designers and companies in hopes to develop new technology and creative power.  The design of Cibic’s theatrically dark space, permits it to utilize light to highlight design features of the objects.  The textured wall of the Stone Papillon created by Kengo Kuma for IL CASONE, highlights the unique design elements of pietra serena displayed in a composition that is innovative in its use of stone materials.
Following the Milanese dates, the exhibition will be mounted in October at the 43rd edition of the Veronese trade fair in conjunction with the 2nd edition of Marmomacc Incontra il Design whose theme will be “Pelle, Skin, Texture.” Il Casone will participate in the next edition with a project curated by Claudio Silvestrin.
24.06.2008 | News

Turin. XXIII World Conference on Architecture

Marmomacc+IL CASONE+Kengo Kuma

From June 28th to July 3rd Turin will play host to the XXIII World Conference on Architecture UIA, at the Lingotto Center and Palavela.  Those who work with the element of stone could not miss participating in an event this prestigious.  The occasion is particularly pertinent, for both Marmomacc and IL CASONE.  This opportunity permits them to demonstrate their close professional relationship with one of the most important modern architects working with stone today: Kengo Kuma.
Marmomacc will present at the Oval which was constructed between the Lingotto and Olympic Village in occasion of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.  This space will host the innovative module created by the Japanese architect for Il Casone at Marmomacc Meets Design 2007.  The stand will provide an opportunity for conference participants to learn more about Marmomacc publications, but most importantly will provide a forum from which to learn more about working with stone.  Kuma will participate in the workshop, “SOFT-STONE. Origami of Stone” which will take place on Monday, June 30th at 5:00pm in the Lingotto, Londra Room.  He will address the multifaceted stone themes which are presented in his works and will participate in opening ceremonies of the Conference also on June 30th.  The next day he will participate in a conference dedicated to libraries.  For information and registration:,,

Sponsor area at pavillion S21.
09.06.2008 | News

43rd Edition of Marmomacc. Verona, October 2-5, 2008

Il Casone, A Leader in Design and Innovation

On Thursday, June 5th, the 43rd edition of Marmomacc and the International Show of Marble, Stone, Design and Technology (Internazionale di Marmi, Pietre, Design e Tecnologie) organized by Veronafiere was presented at a press conference under the guise of the Triennale di Milano.
The primary theme of this edition of Marmomacc focuses on providing a concrete contribution to the economy, utilizing specific initiatives aimed at architects, and designers, who utilize natural stone both in indoor and outdoor contexts.
This objective, proposed also in previous editions, puts a higher focus on innovation, both in terms of design and specialized training.  This theme resonated from all of the participating speakers who presented the new edition (Luisa Bocchietto, President of ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, Gianfranco Castellani, Vice Presidente - Vicario Verona Fiere, Fulvio Irace, Historian and Art Critic dell’Architettura Direttore Sezione Architettura della Triennale di Milano, Alberto Bartolomei, CEO - IL CASONE.)
Paramount among the success of the last edition, and proposed again this year, was the presentation of the BEST COMMUNICATOR AWARD, which recognized the accomplishments of an exhibitor who best presented the constructive and decorative potential of stone in their design concept.  IL CASONE, winner of the award last year with their project designed by Kengo Kuma, will be among the participants again this year at “Marmomacc: Incontro Il Design”.  Nine leading companies who work in stone will collaborate with internationally acclaimed designers and focus on one theme.  For 2008, that focus is “Pelle, Skin, Texture” emphasizing the most expressive elements of stone that is, its color and texture.
“It was an important experience and thanks to the collaboration with Kengo Kuma a new prospective has developed both in terms of the project and of the level of communication.  This year we will repeat the initiative in hopes that it will assist it’s growth in a way that is very innovative.” commented Alberto Bartolomei, CEO of IL CASONE Spa at the presentation of the Best Communicator Award.
After Kengo Kuma, IL CASONE will collaborate this year with Claudio Silvestrin, minimalist architect who favors the use of natural materials.  Among his most recent recognitions he has received the Medaglia D’Oro all’Architettura Italiana in 2003 and was the winner of the Premio Internazionale Archittetura di Pietra in 2005 for his work in the Giorgio Armani stores.


Thanks to Marmomacc, IL CASONE will participate in the XXIII International Conference of Architects UIA (Congresso Internazionale degli Architetti UIA), that will take place in Torino from June 29th to July 3rd.  Marmomacc, in fact, will utilize the exact expressive model created last year by Kuma for Il Casone to stage its space dedicated to the formation at the Oval.  In addition, the workshop with the emblematic title SOFT-STONE Origami of stone (SOFT-STONE Origami di pietra) will take place on June 30th at 5:00pm in the Lingotto in the Londra Room and will permit the Japanese artist to approach the complexities faced when utilizing stone proposed in his works.  The workshop and Kuma’s presence at the International Conference of Architects UIA will be of utmost importance as he will participate in opening ceremonies and in the events in the days following.
Other initiatives expected a Marmomacc include: the Construction in High Altitude Areas conference (COSTRUIRE NELLE TERRE ALTE) by Vincenzo Pavan; the exhibit on the GRAND HOTEL SALGARI: THE WORLD IN ONE ROOM (GRAND HOTEL SALGARI: IL MONDO IN UNA STANZA), realized in collaboration with Abitare Il Tempo,  and  numerous contributions from the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Crafts and Agriculture of Verona and the exhibit PALLADIO E IL DESIGN LITICO, which will present objects of design made of stone dedicated to the great architect.
29.05.2008 | News

Pietra Serena, Materia della Città (Pietra Serena. Materials from the City)

200 pages dedicated to the stone of Firenzuola

From restoration to modern architecture, from extraction to its placement in large contemporary structures: the over 200 pages of the new edition of Pietra Serena. Materia della Città (Pietra Serena, Materials from the City) document the most recent goals achieved in the application of this type of stone, ever present in Italian tradition.
In comparison to the 2002 edition, this volume updates technicians on the latest European rules and regulations regarding resistance, stability and fire safety in addition to the general procedures required to identify a branded product under strict quality controls.  These regulations offer the market the possibility to track the merchandise and will provide overall transparency in guaranteeing the product.
This is an important move for the refined stone of Firenzuola which presents itself as an elemente with the perfect combination of technology and class.
These are themes that were emphasized by the team of experts at the presentation of the volume on May 27th at the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence.  The team included Claudio Corbatti, Mayor of Firenzuola who spoke of the need to create a brand known for its unique origin, whose quality control is recognized and which has been registered at the Chamber of Commerce.
Other speakers who participated in the presentation included: Ambrogio Brenna, Assessor for Productive Activities for the Region of Tuscany, Paola Grifoni, Superintendent for Architecture and Landscape and of the Historic Patrimony and Population Studies for the Province of Florence, Pistoia and Prato.  Among the works discussed in the volume are the expansion of the National Gallery of London, the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Firenzuola and the pediatric wing of the Meyer Hospital in Careggi.  Also included are several works from the city of Florence including: the International Conference Center, the Versace boutique in Via Tornabuoni, the renovation of the ex-bazaar Bonajuti of Coin and La Sfacciata Villa along with Casa Calugi.
(Edited by Alberto Bartolomei and Franco Montanari. Text by Giovanni Maria Bartgossi, Paolo Felli, Francesco Gurrieri. PIETRA SERENA. MATERIA DELLA CITTÀ, edition Aida, 2008).
23.05.2008 | News

Sculpture in the square. A competition to value pietra arenaria

Sant'Ippolito, July 18-27
The county of Sant’Ippolito (Pesaro-Urbino), in collaboration with the local Pro Loco organization, announces the 9th edition of “Sculpture in the Square”, an artistic initiative where artists confront modern sculpture techniques, utilizing pietra arenaria, with traditional sculpting methods.  This initiative moves to bring appreciation for the traditional modes of working stone.
The commission for the 2008 edition strives to identify young sculptors who will produce original pieces that will be inserted in small town urban environments, with a population inferior to 5,000 inhabitants, as part of a re-beautification of those areas in the Marche region.  For the 2008 edition, participation is limited to five artists under the age of 35 years old.
Sculpting in the Square is one of the initiatives under the guise of “Youth. Searching for sense” promoted by the Marche Region in collaboration with the Minister of Youth and Sport.  The goal is to bring appreciation to the power of youth through their creative efforts.  In particular, “Arrivals and Departures – Contemporary Art” is dedicated to the visual arts discipline which contributes to the conservation of the memory through new expressive forms.
11.04.2008 | News


A new space for insideout

Fdiciotto, recently inaugurated in Montaletto di Cervia (Ravenna) is the new project of Frassinago Lab, architecture and landscaping design studio.  This initiative, born from Frassinago18 (, recalls its concept design while emphasizing the characteristics of a meeting and relational space.
Created in a former industrial warehouse, steel, aluminum and crystal produce the contemporary style which also houses a restaurant and event space.
Lights, color, music and scents create a continually changing environment, where objects and furnishings find meaning in a dynamic area that is adaptable to the latest trends of the seasons.
Similar to the Bolognese spaces of Frassinago18, insideout is the protagonist; seating, illuminated elements, drapes and rugs create a pathway both internally and externally.  Wood is utilized for the flooring and pavement and alternates with pebbles and sandstone provided by IL CASONE.  The sandstone, with its neutral but decisive color, becomes an integral part of this “landscape”.
The utilization of these natural materials underlines the sense of authenticity of these spaces, where each object responds to a specific choice and a defined project.  This ensures Fdiciotto’s role as a research lab on design and decor.
The creation of the chromatic nuances and reflections of light, in the 1000 square meter internal space, along with the 300 square meters found externally, blur the confines of indoor and outdoor areas.  These elements provide life, comfort and elegance which define style and personality.
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