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14.09.2009 | Events

Abitare il Tempo. This year, it's outdoors too.

IL CASONE flooring in the setting created by Frassinagolab
A new exhibition space, but that’s not all: this year, Abitare il Tempo hosts a section entirely dedicated to the outdoors, devised to be used as an open-air rest area too, between the entrance and the new pavilion 1.
The design is by the Frassinagolab studio of Bologna, which has created a gigantic coloured carpet which unfurls, intercepting the tracks and pathways of the visitors, who are captured in a new system of viewpoints by the features which, taking on volume and body, alternatively become chairs, backdrops, or green cladding.
The outside area thus assumes its own identifying connotation, enriched by design objects and outdoor furniture, and is also, in part, restated in the interior of pavilion 1.
Delineating these routes is the flooring in IL CASONE pietra serena, which is used in all the exhibition areas, in the 76 x 76cm format (2cm thick, polished finish), and in the passageways, in the 50x160cm format (4cm thick, sand-blasted finish). A “carpet” of natural stone, therefore, that marries perfectly with the concept behind the exhibition, created in response to the ever more important need to relate to open spaces.

Exhibiting companies: Atmosphera, Castiglione relax, Coro, De castelli, De
Padova, Kettal, Pratic, Sit on it, Viteo.
Companies that are collaborating in creating the setting: Il Casone, Blooms/frassinago18, De Castelli.

Abitare il Tempo.
Verona Fiera, September 17-21, 2009
the area outside pavilion 1
13.10.2008 | Events

Il Casone at the Biennale of Venice

The Company Meets the Architects of the "Uneternal City"
IL CASONE is a proud sponsor of the exhibit titled, “Uneternal City” which will be unveiled at the 11th Biennale Internazionale di Architettura of Venice. On October 18th, IL CASONE, along with other sponsoring companies, will encounter the architectural team who created the exhibit. Beginning at 1:00pm, at the Artiglierie of the Arsenale, the principal designers will speak about their creation and the public will also have the opportunity to meet the companies who financed this project.  As part of this event, there will also be a presentation of the publication Paesaggio Urbano published by Maggioli which is entirely dedicated to the “Uneternal City” show.
IL CASONE has chosen to participate in the Biennale by supporting this initiative, and in doing so, is encouraging cultural awareness and creativity in the architectural sector. The creation of the exhibit has generated particular interest among professionals in the community and has received a nomination for the Leone D’Oro for best design.
Curated by the director, Aaron Betsky, the exhibit intends to build on the concept of “discontinuity” which was first developed 30 years ago in occasion of the Roma Interrotta exhibition. The exhibit’s inception in 1978 came from Mayor Guilio Carlo Argan and was organized by Piero Sartogo with the objective of promoting a debate on modifications proposed in the city.
For “Uneternal City”, Aaron Betsky selected 12 architecture studios from around the globe (7 from Rome, 2 European, 2 American and 1 Asian).  The studios are: Centola Associati, Delogu Associati, Giammetta & Giammetta, Labics, N!Studio, Nemesi, T-Studio, Big – Bjarke Ingels Group, Clark Stevens, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, MAD and West 8. The professionals elaborated on the design projects proposed and provided critiques and opinions on the development of the periphery of the city of Rome.
Due to the wide array of experience and styles, the architects working on the project have approached the exhibit from a multitude of points of view and perspectives which include futuristic, utopian and surreal styles.
08.09.2008 | Events

Il Casone at Sana 2008

Casone's pietra serena arrives at "Sana con gusto"
Il Casone will participate at the Sana convention from September 11-14, 2008 in the city of Bologna.  This year’s edition marks Sana’s 20th anniversary and will celebrate with a variety of initiatives throughout the city in addition to the convention that will focus on healthy living.
Food which is healthy and rich in nutrients, a home which combines simple lines, nature and beauty; these are the messages which emerge in the historic themes of Sana. A focus is put on areas that promote a new type of wellbeing and new way of living.
Il Casone is attentive to the themes of sustainable environments while ensuring a high quality of living.  They will provide smooth pietra serena for a 240 square meter internal space called the “San con Gusto”.  This highly visible interactive space is the pulsating heart of the convention.  It is in this area that companies and associations will collaborate to create a dynamic space: one that includes culinary aspects with intellectual debates.  The overriding theme is healthy food in a healthy environment which is also the underlying philosophy of the convention.
The flooring in pietra serena has been laid with alternating natural green lawn.  It is of fundamental importance to utilize natural materials in this creation to create an almost “kitchen theater” environment and one that harks back to the De Lucchi project created last year.  The furnishings utilized along with the accessories to complete the space are all ecologically sustainable.
Pietra Serena, thanks to Il Casone, is once again a principal player in a unique event that underscores the importance of the quality of life.  The message that the company puts forward is clear: attention must be taken to the selection of materials upon the basis of health and comfort for those who will utilize them!
Promoting the use of one material like pietra serena that comes from a distinct and honored tradition, yet has all of the ecological benefits of a modern material, Il Casone is able promote the creation of spaces that are not only livable but functional, beautiful and welcoming.  These spaces are able to express not only esthetic qualities, but also social values that all lead to a high quality product that provides global comforts within the architectural project.
02.04.2008 | Events


Superfici architettoniche. La complessita' del restauro
Under the auspices of the “RESTAURO” convention (Ferrara, April 2-5), which is dedicated to the restoration, conservation and preservation of artistic, historical, architectural and natural patrimony, a conference will be sponsored on April 4th by the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ex Istituto Centrale per il Restauro) which is titled “Architectural Restoration: Care for Complexity”.  Contributors will concentrate on the challenges faced during architectural restorations and in particular to the complexity of issues tied to the conservation of materials both in design theory and practical building yard practice. Complex aspects of research will be presented on various topics including: the conservation of architectural surfaces exposed to external environments, the enclosing of archaeological sites, the interaction between building structures and decorative elements which have been exposed to static damage or humidity, the relationship between new and antique structures, and illumination techniques that serve the dual purpose of conservation and perception.  The conference is sponsored by the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage.


Opening Remarks: Caterina Bon Valsassina, Director, Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro (ICR)
Moderator: Eugenio Vassallo, Professor, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia

- Architectural restoration within the ICR within a historical and methodological context
Pio Baldi, General Director, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
- Methods of Documentation and the restoration project
Francesco Sacco, architect ICR
- Methods of surveying and new technologies
Stefano D’Amico, architect ICR
- Covered Projects
Graziella Flamini, architect ICR, Claudio Prosperi, architect ICR
- Challenges of conservation of architectural surfaces: diagnosis, design theory, building yard practice
Gisella Capponi, architect ICR
- The interaction between building structures and decorative elements
Donatella Cavezzali, architect ICR
- The Recovery of works damaged by humidity, the stabilization of micro-climates, environmental issues
Maria Pia Micheli, architect ICR
- The Renewal of works damaged by humidity which include decorative elements: The Church of S. Eligio degli Orefici in Rome
Annamaria Pandolfi, architect ICR
- After the restoration
Bruno Mazzone, architect ICR
21.02.2008 | Events

IL Casone to participate in the conference "The invention of the future"

Naples, March 7-8

Il CASONE is one of the sponsoring companies to participate in the convention “The invention of the future” which will take place in Naples on March 7 and 8 at the convention center Congressi Federico II, an important date which is dedicated to several current topics from the world of construction.  The first day of the conference will confront four themes which are outlined in the program as “four challenges”:
  1. Management of contracts and executive planning
    speakers: Romano Del Nord, University of Florence and Domenico Crocco, General Director for the Regulation of Public Works, Minster of Infrastructure; moderator – Luca Gibello, Editor of “Il Giornale dell’Architettura”
  2. Innovative technology and competitiveness
    speakers: Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Politecnico of Milan and Ambrogio Prezioso, President of ACEN – Associazione Costruttori Edili Napoletani; moderator: Giuseppe Biondo, Director of the trade publication “Modulo”
  3. Sustainable development and utilization of resources
    speakers: Salvatore Dierna, University of Rome La Sapienza and Luciano Tortoioli, Political Director for the Territory and Environment for the region of Umbria, multi-regional coordinator, moderator: Maurizio Favalli, Director of the trade publication “Costruire”
  4. Management methods in the construction sector and new models in the market
    speakers: Aldo Norsa, University IUAV of Venice and Rita Finzi, Director of Special Projects of the C.C.C. Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni Soc. Coop; moderator: Livia Randaccio, Director of the trade publication "Il Nuovo Cantiere”
The second day will be dedicated to a round table forum entitled: “The quality of the environment created: European research and the role of the Società Italiana di Tecnologia dell’Architettura (SitdA)”.  Participants will include key political figures from the government and the construction sector.
In fact, the conference is organized by SitdA (, Società Italiana Tecnologia dell’Architettura, founded in 2007 to create a vast network of university professors and leaders from the sector, from the areas of technology and architecture.

Its principle objectives include: the creation of a network of professionals from universities, companies and institutions; the institution of high profile methods of recruitment, the creation of a dialogue of regulations on an international level, the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach towards the technology of architecture, the creation of standards of regulation, assistance regarding quality control methods in construction, the establishment of training initiatives with professional institutes nationwide, the creation of an entity which acts as a cultural reference of excellence for the sector.
Excellence and high quality architecture are the primary objectives for companies like IL Casone who in partnering with the SITdA network contributes its own knowledge and technical expertise to the cause, which are indisputable elements that lead to high growth and competiveness.


Friday, March 7 
9:30a.m. Opening of the conference
Opening remarks by Claudio Claudi de Saint Mihiel, University of Naples “Federico II”
Welcoming Remarks to conference participants from representatives of various institutions and companies
10:00a.m. Presentation by SITdA
Paolo Felli, University of Florence
10:30a.m. The Technology of architecture and the management of complex projects
“Four challenges”:
Romano Del Nord, University of Florence
Domenico Crocco, General Director for the Regulation of Public Works, Minister for Infrastructure
Moderator: Luca Gibello, Editor of “Il Giornale dell’Architettura”
Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Politecnico of Milan
Ambrogio Prezioso, President ACEN - Associazione Costruttori Edili Napoletani
Moderator: Guiseppe Biondo, Director of the trade publication “Modulo”
1:30p.m. Breakfast - buffet

Salvatore Dierna, University of Rome La Sapienza
Luciano Tortoioli, Political Director for the Territory and Environment for the region of Umbria, multi-region coordinator
Moderator: Maurizio Favalli, Director of the trade publication “Costruire”
Aldo Norsa, University IUAV of Venice
Rita Finzi, Director of Special Projects of the C.C.C. Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni Soc. Coop
Moderator: Livia Randaccio, Director of the trade publication “Il Nuovo Cantiere”

Saturday, March 8
9:30a.m. Round table discussion: The quality of the environment created: European research and the role of the Società Italiana di Tecnologia dell’Architettura
Virginia Gangemi, University of Naples “Federico II” and Roberto Palumbo, University of Rome La Sapienza
“Ten questions for:”
Luigi Nicolais, Minister of Reform and Innovation in Public Administration
Alfonso Andria, European Parliament member, Member European Commission Regional Development
Ezio Andreta, President APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea
Fulvio Obici, Responsible Communication PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, General Director for the coordinating and development of research – Ufficio programmi operativi comunitari
Riccardo Giustino, Vice President ANCE – Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili
Ennio Cascetta, Government official for Transportation for the region of Campania
Franco Martini, General Segretary Fillea-CGIL
Giannegidio Silva, President M.N. Metropolitana di Napoli S.p.A
12:30p.m. Conclusion
Gabriella Caterina, University of Naples “Federico II”

1:30p.m. Breakfast - buffet
3:00p.m. Assembly of Member Organizations
Honorary nomination as ordinary member to Edoardo Vittoria
Election of the Board of Directors for the Società Italiana di Tecnologia dell’Architettura
Approvement of regulations

phone: +39 081 2538743; +39 081 2538444
fax: +39 081 2538717
13.02.2008 | Events

MADE Expo. Success For Team Tetra Pak

To express the importance of integration and team work

Over 170,000 participants, comprised of 154,000 Italians and 16,000 foreign visitors, took part in the five day conference of the first edition of MADE Expo, an innovative engagement that the city of Milan dedicated to construction and architecture from February 5th to 9th.
Within this international context that presented the best from the world of construction, IL CASONE participated in a team of seven companies to present the office solution created for Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions of Modena designed by studio Trombini.
The objective was to express the importance of integration and team work.  The dialogue that took place between the top producers from the technical and architectural worlds provided the best offerings of system solutions for this project. The solutions guaranteed esthetic uniformity and provided strong technological contributions in terms of climate control, acoustic offerings and environmental efficiency.


The high level of attention at the stand confirmed the interest expressed from architects, engineers, journalists and professionals from the sector towards a truly innovative project that was particularly valued for its high standard of quality, safety and esthetic value.
The success of the project is a result of the work undertaken by all of the companies involved who enthusiastically met the challenge from Tetra Pak and studio Trombini. The final project displayed their strong mission to integrate comfort and high tech solutions while maintaining a careful attention to detail and to the texture of the materials.
In this team effort, IL CASONE, provided its own materials and know-how to craft the stone flooring and confirmed their profound understanding of the material, born from a long family tradition. The innovative use of their product has opened doors to new markets, and continues to demonstrate its commitment to the utilization of high quality decorative stone valued for its exceptional esthetic value and technical performance. 
A truly exceptional team comprised of the following companies: Schüco was in charge of the external walls, Comfort System and Hatek monitored the aspects of climate control, Pancaldi provided the false ceiling structure, Goldbach the technological structure of the flooring system, Gemino the system gx of internal wall paneling and underbed for the flooring, Targetti created the lighting system and Flex the visual communication features.
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