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20.02.2015 | Built works

Benetton Menswear


In Florence, just a few steps from the Piazza della Signoria, the commercial activity is in keeping with the contemporary design lines. The use of highly polished Thunder Grey marble – deep grey with typical white veins – for the floors fits perfectly with the historical setting in which this store finds itself and does not in any way detract from the more contemporary results of the overall design. The colour and the way in which the flooring was laid blend beautifully with the modern wooden furniture and the delicate coloured lighting create various paths and exhibition spaces of the new store. The natural hues of the flooring provide a perfect background for the display of the brightly coloured merchandise and, in addition, the marble’s resistance and its high polish ensure its durability.

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27.01.2015 | Built works

Hyundai Motor Group, Korea del Sud

private home

Hyundai Hiunday

Hyundai Motor Group University Mabuk Campus
Suh Architects

The project by Suh Architects is situated in the Gyeonggi district, South Korea.
The regular forms of the external structure, covered with Pietra Forte Fiorentina Stone with a Damask finish, alternated with the high structural glass façades, are complemented by the green interior décor.
At the entrance to the Hyundai Motor Group University Mabuk Campus, the geometric lines are interrupted by large circular pillars supporting the double volume of the hall. The soft lines of the structural element are complemented by the smooth flooring in Pietra Forte Fiorentina Stone and, by contrapposition, by the structure of the angular scales.
So the lighting plays with the patterns on the flooring, again in well-polished Pietra Forte Fiorentina Stone, in an interplay of tones that can be perceived through the double volumes in the building. The key words for the design are therefore attention, simplicity and creativity which – through the clean volumes and pure materials – allow for the creation of an enjoyable workplace.

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Photo: © Suh Architects

13.01.2015 | Built works

Casa FFF, Trento

private home


Casa FFF a Trento
la pietra contemporanea Pallaoro Balzan e Associati

Tra i pendii della città di Trento, i corpi aggettanti di Casa FFF collocano la villa in una dimensione contemporanea e dinamica, che anticipa la composizione minimale degli interni. L’elemento lapideo qualifica tutti gli ambienti e il grigio caratteristico della Pietra Forte Fiorentina, rifinita a seta negli ambienti interni, viene esaltato dai colori primari scelti per gli arredi. All’esterno, il verde acceso della vegetazione si sposa con il design a damasco della pietra utilizzata per i percorsi, che sembrano piegarsi e diventare arredo. La composizione a casellario degli elementi lapidei si armonizza con la scelta minimale, linea guida del progetto, che permette di garantire, pur in uno spazio racchiuso, la sensazione della naturalità della montagna.

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18.06.2014 | Built works

Hotel Majestic, Bologna


hotel majestic

In front of the St. Peter's Cathedral in Bologna, the Hotel Majestic is one of Italy's most famous hotels over the last century. The marble flooring with its chequered squares of Nero Marquina enhances the elegance of the entrance hall where square-based pedestals decorated with geometrical stone patterns sustain the colonnade in alternating colours of sculpted white and polished veined marble.

The tea room features Siena ochre and Nero Marquina flooring. The bathrooms echo the antique spas of the nobility, with polished stone combined to create chromatic patterns, not only on the floors but also in the furnishings which, cut from blocks of marble, make luxury bathroom accessories.

26.05.2014 | Built works

Fort Al Fateh


Fort al Fateh Museum arises in the Middle Eastern desert and the sandstone used for the project gives soft tone-on-tone effects that match with the surroundings. Slim elements, laid out in a checkered pattern, cover the volumes contained in the glass case. Some of them are carved using a water-jet technique to replicate traditional geometric patterns.

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08.07.2013 | Built works




Water, universal symbol of reflection and unifying element of the whole initiative, led the way, as dazzled spectators moved through the space, admiring the elegant bathroom fixtures of Agape installed between the harmonious, stratified dunes made of Pietra Forte Fiorentina stone from Il Casone, made possible by the unobtrusive but essential technology of Mapei. Kengo Kuma, as always, showed that he knows how to display the design of unusual bathroom fixtures – from Angelo Mangiarotti for sinks and Giampaolo Benedini for bathtubs – with fluid lines and lyric pedestals.

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