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22.03.2012 | Built works

Studio The Exnovo

Headquarter, Bergamo

Studio The Ex novo, Capelli

Those who enter the Theexnovo office, an agency for artists who develop ideas and concepts for television, theatre and events, for the first time, immediately turn to the double-sized work stations, grouped together to the left of the entrance, because this is what catches the eye of anyone not yet accustomed to this environment.

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21.12.2011 | Built works

Casa Barbieri

Reggio Emilia

Casa barbieri

The term housescape, coined by the designer to describe this private residence, is the key to understanding it. In the author’s words, the residence guarantees privacy but also creates the illusion of more space, weaving open and closed, constructed and natural spaces. It is, in effect, a house on a quest to become part of the landscape itself given the symbiotic relationship between the two.
The architecture is organized into separate parallelepiped blocks, suspended in relation to the surrounding ground level and seemingly lightweight to the eyes of the outside visitor despite a raw, natural outer stone shell, setting the theme for the majority of the stone’s use.  Its widespread use is in part betrayed by the pieces contained in the ashlars above, with relatively reduced thicknesses and subtle color differences between the ashlars and the mortar, creating the finest joints.
The point of the whole operation where the ashlars masonry reaches its maximum expressivity is in the aspects that face each other at a short reciprocal distance between the two main volumes, with significant interposition of transparent crystals and small layers of steel between them. The crisp combination, without mediation, between the materials and their more obvious perceptible characteristics, enhances the pronounced differences between them, offering the resident a dynamic and lively environment. The interior-exterior space takes shape and materializes. It connects the originally separated volumes by the richness of the facilities: terraces, a swimming pool, paths, large natural surfaces, wrapped around each other as well as linked through the assertive horizontal lines.
From the inside of the residence, within the intimacy of the home, the constructed telescope, turned toward the countryside, projects the energies channeled inside the rooms to the outside.  The stone helps these energies flow both from the outside and in along walkways that reveal surprising views.

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02.12.2011 | Built works

Maison & Objet

Parigi, edition 2011

Il sogno della fuga dagli affanni metropolitani alla volta delle pacifiche atmosfere del mondo rurale fa tappa al Maison & Objet di Parigi edizione 2011. De Castelli, con Frassinago 18 ed Il Casone, dà forma al sogno ed allestisce una scenografia di vera natura e forza immaginativa. Dalla fine del ‘600 la meraviglia è divenuta sempre più strategia compositiva per i padiglioni espositivi. Proprio in ambito culturale francese Descartes fra i primi l’ha codificata quale sorpresa improvvisa dell’anima, per cui essa si volge a guardare con attenzione quegli oggetti che sembrano rari ed eccezionali. Ebbene: al coperto dei padiglioni il giardino è orizzontale e verticale.



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30.09.2011 | Built works

Villa Spectenhauser

Private home, Merano (Bolzano)

Residenza privata, Casa de Biasi

The stone slabs placed in regular outlines create a border for terracing, which is composed of subtle variations in gradient, in both the garden and the living area of the building, creating an immediate link between the two different environments. While outside, the variation in gradient is naturally present due to the orography of the ground, the choice to reproduce a layout on different levels inside as well is designed to create this correlation between the two spaces.

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12.09.2011 | Built works


Headquarter, Castellòn (Spain)

Azahar Headquarter, Castellòn (Spagna)

Solo il colore distingue l’architettura dal paesaggio, ma gli Azahar Headquarters sono un frammento vero di montagna, di roccia affiorante a pochi passi dalle vette più alte dei Monti Universali. 

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20.07.2011 | Built works

Domus Galilae

Domus Galilae strip

La porzione del complesso a vocazione religiosa già eretta, dai richiami formali kahniani, trova ora completamento nell’adiacente realizzazione del piccolo convento e della cappella del Santissimo posta al centro, a pianta circolare.
Al contempo connessione e cesura fra le due metà dell’intero complesso scende da monte a valle l’ampio percorso pedonale su più livelli, delimitato dai setti scalettati d’ordine gigante, assecondanti le linee di pendio naturale.

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