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07.05.2009 | Built works

Ambienti da Amare

Exhibition stand Sun 2008

For the 2008 edition of Sun, Frassinago Lab, for Frassinago18 Insideout, planned a setting firmly linked to the world of the sea and the location hosting the exhibition. The result is a huge theme park in which the ideogram of an octopus, stretching to a length of over 90 metres, guides the visitor to the exhibition spaces. In this symbolic representation, the environment fragments into mirrors of water, islands of terra firma and suspension bridges.

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18.12.2008 | Built works

"The Quarry" by Claudio Silvestrin

Il Casone stand at Marmomacc 2008

With "The Quarry" project, I mean to express the force, the worth, the soul of rock in its totality, its thickness, its weight, its appearance as form and as surface.
A surface that itself is the co-essence of the rock being.
This project makes us realise that the crust does not want to be separated from the heart of the rock, but rather they exist as a single whole, a unity.
The rock's energy lies in this totality of matter.

Claudio Silvestrin

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01.12.2008 | Built works

Via San Nicolò

Urban requalification

Via San Nicolò is today a pedestrianized street joined to a system of squares and monumental public spaces in the center of Trieste, running parallel to Corso Italia, between Via Dante and the sea. The same pavement used in these squares, 8cm-thick flamed Colombino and bush-hammered Aurisina, is extended along the Via San Nicolò.

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15.11.2008 | Built works

Villa Brandoli in Castelvetro

Residential building

At the foot of the Apennines around Modena is a farmhouse-type building of ample dimensions, designed by the Bentivogli Studio. The project included a redesign of the main structure and external landscaping using typical components of classical architecture.

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07.10.2008 | Built works

Il Casone at SUN

STONE from IL CASONE for "Ambienti D'aMARE"
Among the most important events of the year following Marmomacc and Abitare il Tempo is the Salone Internazionale dell’Esterno or more commonly known as the SUN.  Design, furnishings, accessories will be presented at the convention which is dedicated to outdoor furnishings in Rimini from October 16-19.  This event sets the bar on an international stage for professionals who work exclusively with outdoor collections.
The event is a meeting place for architects, designers, inventors, painters and interior design specialists as well as members of the university community, construction companies, importers and buyers.  Emotion, design, color and innovation are the key themes of the day as the distinction between indoor and outdoor living spaces blurs.
The 26th edition offers an exclusive first look at the summer 2009 collections which include objects in vogue and fusion environments along with unique uses and the evolution of various materials.  This first look will provide professionals in the sector to an opportunity to evaluate the new styles and tendencies for the coming months of every aspect of outdoor living.
Designed at Frassinago LAB and created by Frassinagodiciotto, in collaboration with SUN (Fiere&Communicazioni + Rimini Fiera), “Ambienti D’aMARE” which is a world play meaning marine environments to love is a dynamic creation that brings together the most prolific companies focusing on outdoor furniture today.
This collaboration began at SUN 06, two years ago, as it was necessary to create innovative outdoor spaces within the internal space of the convention center.  For the 2008 Frassinago LAB, a project was created which is strongly linked to the marine world and to the space that will host the convention.
The designated space will be transformed into an outdoor theme park highlighting outdoor furnishings and similar to a theme park ride visitors will be guided to various areas.  In these dynamic spaces visitors will be able to observe outdoor furnishings which are capable of adapting to their surroundings thanks to their composition and form.
The project is designed to look like an oversized octopus that invades the pool areas and with its tentacles as it captures structural elements and objects of design.  In this way, the external space of the pool area becomes fragmented into various exhibiting areas and these divisions are represented with wooden planks.
Here is where IL CASONE enters into the scene.  It has created the pathways that connect the various exhibiting areas.  The stone planks in pietra serena (150 x 75 cm) are placed within one centimeter distance of one another.  Water fills the crevices and enforces the underlying themes.  The stone appears to float and the material reflects the water that surrounds it.
Within the “head” of the octopus IL CASONE created a unique blue-green painted flooring made from stone panels which harks the colors of the sea.  The pavement is interrupted by what appears to be an yellow colored rug but is comprised of slabs of sandstone which provoke the idea of sandy coastlines.
With this project IL CASONE is able to expertly demonstrate how its product can adapt perfectly into an artificial fanciful environment while evoking the idea of nature and strength of the material.
Perfect in its color and texture, the stone of IL CASONE is the optimum choice for architects and designers who seek a strong and intense medium that is capable of adapting to many environments without losing its identity.

01.04.2008 | Built works

Piazza De Ferrari in Genova

Urban requalification

Raffaele De Ferrari Square is located in the heart of the historic center, however it is not aligned with the coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea which envelopes the city of Genoa. It is a crucial point from which to access all parts of the old town. It is at this point where one may find a raised circular platform from which one might and observe the movements of city below. Within this platform structure, a fountain graces the center.

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